to the Intercultural Garden of the 1st district oriented integration house at Mehringplatz.

There it is now growing, piece by piece, in the shadow of high-rise buildings - a recreational spot between the metropolitan life of Friedrichstrasse and the rather urban secluded lifestyle of Mehringplatz - the Intercultural Garden at Friedrichstrasse number 1. The story about the creation of the intercultural neighbourhood garden is a real enrichment for the quarter around Mehringpatz - the southern part of Friedrichstadt - with lots of sweat, long hot afternoons, euphoric deconstruction and disappointed reconstruction actions.

Since 2007, we have been designing and rebuilding the former playground area of the old day care centre in the new integration house. The garden should offer space for peace and retreat, promote neighbourly conversations, friendships and discussions, preserve culture and tradition and be a place for creativity.

In the summer of 2010, we finally succeeded in acquiring the necessary funding for the redesign and restructuring. The work on the construction site of the intercultural Kiezgarten at Mehringplatz, which has been underway since 5 January 2011, has finally been completed in May 2011 after many weather-related stoppages.

Open Hours:

Monday through Friday from 10am to 8pm

Saturday from 1pm to 8pm

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