Associations and Rooms

KMA connects several initiatives and associations at INTIHAUS, which work through social, cultural and civil means for a tolerant, social and respectful society.

Here's an overview of the initiatives at INTIHAUS, access to their websites and more information about their activities.


at Kunstwelt e.V.

The QUARTIERSMANAGEMENT has been located at INTIHAUS since the beginning of the project in 2006.

MINA - Living In Diversity e.V.

This association and their related activities have been located at INTIHAUS since October 2012. They support the efforts towards integration as well as the mission statement of our house. MINA is a counseling center that offers supporting surrounding the theme "Life with people/kids with disabilities". Advice can be given in Turkish, German or Arabic.

Al-Dar e.V.

This Arabic women's association has been a steady partner of our house since 2007. The following link provides more information about the support workers and their functions and priorities.

Multigenerational community center at Mehringplatz

Since April 2010, we have had an inviting and beautiful multigenerational meeting point in Mehringplatz. We are located next to an intercultural neighborhood garden, which gives this center the feeling of an oasis. The following link provides more information about our open hours and opportunities.


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